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Pro-Binding Offering the Best Thermal, Wire & Plastic Comb Binding Systems and Supplies.

Simplifying the proccess

Pro-Binding has taken the guesswork out of finding quality document binding systems, laminating equipment, binding supplies and laminating supplies.

Wire Binding
The RENZ SRW 360 and RENZ SRW 360 Comfort are great choices for twin loop wire binding. For twin loop wire binding on a budget, try our Aklies WireMac or Akiles WireMac E-31.

Plastic Comb Binding
Plastic Comb binding has been available longer than any other binding system. We like the RENZ Combi Comfort and the Akiles MegaBind machines. Both were designed to provide years of service.

SecureBind (Velobind)
Our line of SecureBind (VeloBind) binding machines and SecureBind (VeloBind) supplies are compatible with VeloBind machines and VeloBind strips. Try the SecureBind V2000 Pro Hot Knife System for a
VeloBind system you can count on.

Plastic Spiral Binding
The latest binding system of choice is Plastic Spiral Binding, also known as Plastic Coil binding. With plastic
spiral binding you can't go wrong with the RENZ SPB360 or the Akiles AlphaCoil E.

Laminating Equipment and Roll Laminating Equipment
Pro-Binding also offers a wide selection of pouch laminating equipment and roll laminating equipment. Try the Prolam-Ultra pouch laminator for crystal-clear and bubble free pouches every time. The SchoolLam 27" roll laminator and the Fujipla LPE3510 13" desktop laminator are both ideally suited for use in a school or office environment.

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