Best Binding Machines for a Busy Office

In this post we will recommend  Binding Machines from each of the popular binding methods for a company with an average volume workload. The recommendations will include a Wire Binding Machine, a Coil Binding Machines, a Comb Binding Machines, a Thermal Binding Machines and a VeloBind Machine.

Let’s start with the Wire Binding Machine. There are a lot of choices with wire binding machines. However, with the wear and tear on the machine from all the punching, you need a unit that can take the beating and continue to give years of reliable service. We like the WireMac-E machines. They are available as a 3:1 machine if your documents tend to be less than 120 pages, or a 2:1 machine if your documents go over 120 pages. These machines have an excellent electric punch & a nice wire closer. Make sure you use quality Wire Binding Supplies with any machine you choose. The wires make the document.

If a Coil Binding Machine is better for your business, take a look at the Rhin-O-Tuff CBS 3000. The CBS 3000 is the world’s first desktop coil binding system that combines electric punching, coil insertion and crimping into a compact, modern design perfect for all office and small print shop environments. Rhin-O-Tuff is well known for the quality of their machines, and the price point on this unit is hard to beat! When you combine Pro-Binding’s Coil Binding Supplies with the CBS 3000 you will get excellent results.

Comb Binding Machines have been around the longest and are still very popular. For a Comb Binding Machine we like the Akiles CombMac-E24. This unit has a very good quality punch and will last your company for many years. One drawback is almost all Comb Binding Supplies are made overseas. Pro-Binding’s Comb Binding Supplies have about the best pricing you can find.

When it comes to Thermal Binding Machines, no one knows more than Pro-Binding. We have over 30 years of experience with plain, printed and transparent Soft Cover thermal Bindings, as well as plain and custom Hard Covers & Photo Books. We recommend the Pro-Bind 2000 for Thermal Binding, and the Pro-Bind Hard Cover Crimper if doing Hard Covers. Thermal Binding produces beautiful documents, and Pro-Binding can help design a cover that will be the envy of your peers.

Finally let’s discuss a VeloBind Machine. VeloBind has a great finished product, but the machines can be a bit pricey. If you are going with VeloBind, make the investment in the VeloBind System Two. It has an electric punch and all the features you will need to produce quality reports. Combine this machine with Pro-Binding’s VeloBind Strips & Leatherflex Report Covers for the results you are looking for.

All of these machines are available on our website, but we recommend you give Pro-Binding’s Customer Service team a call at (866) 789-4330. We will ensure you get the right system for your application.