What Plastic Comb Binding Machine should I buy?

There are literally hundreds of Plastic Comb machines on the market. They range from very inexpensive manual punch machines, to extremely expensive and powerful electric punch machines. If you have a small workload, choose a manual punch machine. If you do a lot of binding or the books are relatively thick, an electric punch would probably suit you better. Pro-Binding carries 2 lines of comb binding, Renz and Akiles. Each of these manufacturers produce fine quality machines. Below is a summary of each of these companies and the Comb Binding Machines we carry from them.

Renz is top of the line. So when only the best will do, choose Renz

Renz is a German company that has decades of experience designing and manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment and is recognized as the leading manufacturer in the punching and binding industry. If you are looking for a manual punch, the Combi S is as good as they get. If you are in the market for an electric punch, their Combi ComfortPlus with its newly improved motor has all the punching power you will need. Renz quality is the best money can buy.

Akiles is an excellent choice when you need a reliable, heavy duty machine, but are on a budget.

Akiles is an American manufacturer that makes a variety of consumer and commercial grade coil, wire and comb binding machines and supplies. Pro-Binding carries several Akiles machines. If you need a manual punch, we recommend the MegaBind-1 or the economy version AlphaBind-CM. For an electric punch, our top choice is the CombMac-24E. We also carry the MegaBind-1E which has excellent punching power and the economy electric punch AlphaBind-CE

Pro-Binding has chosen to represent these two manufacturers of comb binding machines because of the quality of their products and the all metal construction of their machines. Therefore, if you choose a machine from either of these companies, you’ll definitely be getting a high-quality product. Follow this link to choose one of these machines today. Remember to always use good quality Comb Binding Supplies for your best bind every time.