What is the Difference Between Wire Binding and Coil binding?

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Let’s start with the basics. Here is a basic description of each binding method along with the better machine brands for that type of binding. What is wire binding?

Wire binding is a popular document method, and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wirebind. With this binding method, users put their punched document onto a “C” shaped wire binding element and then use a wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

Our preferred wire binding machines are the Renz models and Akiles models. Renz will last forever and the Akiles are very durable! Wires come in two pitches. 3:1 is best for applications where your documents are always less than ½”. 2:1 pitch is needed when your documents go over ½”. Make sure the machine you pick matches the wires you order. If you have any question, call us at (866) 789-4330.

What is coil binding?  Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is another popular binding choice for your documents. This binding style is known by a number of names including spiral coil, color coil, colorcoil, ez-coil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastikoil and coilbind. Documents bound with plastic coil open flat on a desk or table and offer 360 degree rotation. This binding style is durable and is often used for documents that need to be mailed. Spiral coil binding spines are also available in more colors and sizes than other binding styles.

If you can afford a Renz machine, you will not be disappointed. The SPB 360 ComfortPlus may be the best office environment coil machine on the market. It is extremely durable, user friendly, and use the oval hole punching pattern that has made coil binding so much easier to do. If you want a less expensive, but still very good quality coil machine, choose one of our Akiles “Plus” models. All the “Plus” models also have the oval hole punch pattern and will not disappoint you.

What’s the difference between wire and coil binding? The difference between wire and spiral binding is the type of binding element used to put the documents together.

Both methods are widely popular and will make your documents look very professional. It really is a matter of personal preference. I like wire binding a little better. I like the sleek look of the metal wire. However, there are more color choices for the plastic coils. In either case, make sure to use binding elements from www.pro-binding.com We offer the better quality binding elements that are Made in the USA, and we offer them for less than other companies sell the cheaply made foreign imports!