What are the best electric punch Wire Binding Machines for a Modern Office?

Wire Binding Machines are very popular for binding documents in today’s modern office. There are literally dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of machine options. In this post we will discuss three excellent machines for Twin Loop Wire Binding. We will cover the best option if you have a full budget, the best option if you have a heavy workload but a tighter budget, and an option if you have a lighter workload but still want the convenience of an electric punch.

Twin Loop Wire Binding machines are offered in two different punch patterns, so the first thing you will need to decide is whether your office requires a 3:1 Pitch Machine or 2:1 Pitch Machine. 3:1 Pitch is the preferred punch pattern if your documents are always under 120 pages. There are 3 loops per inch on the binding edge and the tighter hole pattern looks nicer. Wires for 3:1 Pitch machine are made up to 9/16” in diameter. If you have larger documents than 120 pages, but still like Twin Loop Wire appearance, you will need to get a 2:1 Pitch machine. There are 2 loops per inch on the binding edge with a 2:1 Pitch machine. 2:1 wires are offered in diameters all the way up to 1 ½” in diameter. Each Machine discussed here has a 3:1 Pitch Model and 2:1 Pitch Model. Both versions are the same price, just make sure you order the correct wires for the model you choose.

Many offices have found that Renz makes the best Wire Binding machine. Choose the Renz SRW 360 ComfortPlus for 3:1 Pitch or the Renz ECO 360 ComfortPlus for 2:1. They are really the same machine except for the hole pattern. The reason we like Renz the best is the ComfortPlus motor is about 30% more powerful than any other machine in its class. With Wire binding there is Renz, then everyone else.

If you have the heavy workload, but Renz is a little out of your price range, we have the solution. The Akiles WireMac-E31 or Akiles WireMac-E21 are heavy duty machines . They have powerful electric punches, excellent wire closers, and all the features you want to to handle your document binding needs. Akiles has an excellent reputation for manufacturing very durable binding machines.

Finally, if you have a medium workload, but still want the convenience of an electric punch machine, the Akiles WireMac-EX series is for you. The WireMac-EX31 and WireMac-EX21  machines were built on the same platform as the WireMac-E series machines, but they have a lighter duty punching motor to save you some money.

The Wire Binding Machines discussed on this post are fine choices for any office environment. Still have questions? Give Pro-Binding a call at (866) 789-4330. We have over 30 years of experience matching companies with the ideal binding system for their application. We are also experts at designing and printing high quality Report Covers that will make your documents stand out from the pack. Always make sure you use good quality Wire Binding Supplies with your new binding system. They are essential to making a quality bound report.