Looking for the best school Laminators? Pro-Binding carries several lines of school laminating machines. Here are three that are perfect for schools. The LamRite 2700, the Phoenix 2700-DH & the Tamerica TCC-27000.

The LamRite 2700 is our top choice. The 27″ LamRite-2700 delivers superior results. Since it is simple to operate it perfect for Schools. Features include variable speed, temperature and tension control. Also, temperature memory function maximizes repeatability. The auto shut off and front shield sensors provide additional safety assurance. As a result,the LamRite gets our top pick.

We also like the Phoenix 27” Education Model school laminator! It is perfect for the School environment. It’s tabletop design is great for small working areas. In addition, you can laminate any size document up to 27” in width. Therefore, this unit can help you to laminate a large poster or several smaller items. The Phoenix also includes the latest in safety innovations and energy saving technology! Therefore,the Phoenix is a great addition to any school.

Our third choice is the Tamerica TCC-27000. Schools on a tighter budget will love this machine. It has amazing hot-roller laminating features at a heat-shoe laminator price. It is dependable and simple to operate. This unit is perfect for school. Designed to provide the permanent protection you’re looking for.

These are three great choices for all school environments. Visit https://pro-binding.com/product-category/roll-laminating-machines/ for a closer look at our great laminating systems or call (866) 789-4330 for personal service.