Pro-Binding is your best source for Wire Binding Supplies. We carry the two finest quality brands of Wire Binding Supplies. Renz and JBI.

Renz Twin Loop Wire is a product of Germany. It is very high quality and can pass the strict Prop 65 code in California because Renz wire contains no heavy metals. In addition, Renz wire is packed on convenient plastic trays. As a result, the wire stays tangle free.

We also carry JBI Twin Loop Wire. JBI Wire is also very high quality and is usually in stock, so you can count on it when you are under a deadline.

Wire supplies are available in 2:1 Pitch and 3:1 Pitch.What is the difference between 2:1 Pitch and 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding?Both 2:1 and 3:1 binding formats have their own unique advantages. The 2:1 pitch wires are available in diameters all the way up to 1 ½”.  The 3:1 pitch wires only go up to 9/16”, but has a tighter look, which many people like. All wire is available in multiple colors and diameters. It is very important to order your machine and supplies in the same pitch. Wire binding is very popular with Accounting Firms, Real Estate, Engineering & Construction Firms, Marketing Agencies, Government Offices and Architects!

There are many suppliers that bring in low quality wire from overseas and try to pass it off as similar quality, but Pro-Binding.Com feels that these are the only two manufacturers you should consider for your supplies and they are the only two we will carry. They both make an excellent product that will give you trouble free binding. Please call Pro-Binding.Com at (866) 789-4330 for all your binding and laminating needs.