What are the Best Wire Binding Machines for a typical Business Office?

The best Wire Binding Machines produce one of the most popular book binding formats being used today. The books are easy to create and the spines are available in a variety of colors, therefore the end results look great. There a many Wire Binding Machines on the market, But which machine should you choose?

For a typical office application if you have the budget, get a Renz SRW ComfortPlus machine. They are easy to use, electric punch, and the most durable, so they are a great choice. The Renz SRW 360 ComfortPlus has about 30% more punching power than other machines in its class.

Another great choice is the Akiles WireMac-EX31. This machine is becoming the most popular because of its price point. You will not be disappointed by Akiles. With it’s heavy-duty punch motor, built-in wire closer and complete system of functions, the Akiles WireMac-EX makes a great choice.

If your binding volume is low, take a look at the Akiles WireMac-31. The Akiles WireMac-31 is an excellent manual punch Wire Binding System. Its full range of functions and state of the art mechanisms were especially designed with one goal in mind: to fully meet the needs of the wire binding industry!

Wire supplies are available in 2:1 Pitch and 3:1 Pitch. What is the difference between 2:1 Pitch and 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding? Both 2:1 and 3:1 binding formats have their own unique advantages. The 2:1 pitch wires are available in diameters all the way up to 1 ½”.  The 3:1 pitch wires only go up to 9/16”, but has a tighter look, which many people like. All wire is available in multiple colors and diameters. It is very important to order your machine and supplies in the same pitch. Wire binding is very popular with Accounting Firms, Real Estate, Engineering & Construction Firms, Marketing Agencies, Government Offices and Architects!

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