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How to choose the best Wire Binding Machine

Twin loop wire binding provides an elegant and professional looking solution for report and proposal binding. Pro-Binding offers only top quality Wire Binding Systems. If you see a machine on this link – WIRE BINDING MACHINES – you will be getting a great machine. Here are a few tips so that you can pick out the wire binding machine that best fits your application.

  1. Choose a Wire Binding Machine with a good wire binding closer on it. Many of the wire binding machines on the market are fine for wire binding a few books a month. If you are looking to do any volume of wire binding, you definitely want a good wire binding closer. We like the Akiles WireMac wire binding machines from http://akiles.com and the Renz Wire binding machines from renz.com There are also good stand alone wire binding closers on Pro-Binding.com in under the Modular Finishing machines – https://pro-binding.com/product-category/modular-finishing-machines/ – that are excellent at closing wire binding.
  2. Choose the wire binding machine that will best fit the size of books that you need to bind. Wire binding machines are available with two different hole patterns. Some wire binding machines punch a 3:1 pitch or 32 hole pattern (for 11” documents). These wire binding machines will accept wires as small as 1/4” and as large as 9/16”. For documents larger than 9/16” wire binding machines are available that punch a 2:1 pitch or 21 hole pattern (for 11” documents). These wire binding machines will accept wires between 1/4” and 1-1/2”. Most wire binding machines punch either a 3:1 pattern or a 2:1 hole pattern. You may ask yourself why buy a 3:1 machine when the 2:1 is more flexible. The reality is 3:1 does look a little nicer. If your books never go over ½”, get a 3:1 pitch machine.
  3. Look for a wire binding machine that is built for the volume of wire binding that you need to do. There a lot of cheap plastic machines that will do the job for a few binds, but if you are looking to bind hundreds or thousands of books, don’t buy a plastic wire binding machine. Look at the Akiles WireMac-E31  –  or the Renz Srw ComfortPlus machine – if you have the budget. For very heavy duty volume consider a modular wire binding system from Rhin-O-Tuff. Either way, ask yourself how many books you plan on binding and buy accordingly. Every machine offered on Pro-Binding.Com is very high quality. If the machine makes it on to Pro-Binding.Com then it has passed our very strict quality test.
  4. Always use high quality Wire Binding Supplies from Pro-Binding.Com.  We start with better quality wire, package them so they do not get tangled together in the box, and charge less than online stores that import wire from overseas.

Call Pro-Binding.Com at (866) 789-4330. Our Customer Service Team has more than 30 years of experience helping companies choose the best binding system for their application.