Should I choose a Wire Binding Machine or Comb Binding Machine?

When choosing a new binding system which method is better for me? There is no one size fits all. The right binding choice for your document depends on several factors including the purpose of your document, page length, budget and more. Two popular choices are comb binding and wire binding.

There are many reasons to choose Comb Binding.

Comb binding is a popular method of office document binding. A plastic comb is placed through rectangular punched holes to hold the document together. Comb binding has been around the longest and the look is a bit dated, but it is still a very functional and popular binding method. Here is why Comb Binding is so popular:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Very easily to edit
  3. Your document lies flat
  4. There are many comb sizes and colors available
  5. They make nice sales proposals
  6. They are very good for manuals
  7. It is a popular binding method for reference documents

When Comb Binding just won’t do, here is why Wire Binding is a great choice.

Wire binding is a professional binding method which uses a circular wire to securely bind a document together. Wire binding is very sleek and professional looking. If we had to choose, we’d pick wire binding every time.

  1. Your document lies flat
  2. Pages can turn 360 degrees
  3. Lightweight
  4. Your bind is permanent and secure
  5. There are many wire sizes and colors available
  6. Wire Binding makes great sales proposals
  7. They are very good for manuals
  8. Your reference documents will look great

Going head to head, which binding system would we choose?

  1. For the Most Professional Appearance: Wire Binding
  2. Most Durable: Wire Binding
  3. The Most Flexible When Reading: Wire Binding
  4. Most Affordable: Comb Binding
  5. Easiest to Edit: Comb Binding

Wire Binding comes out on top for its professional look, durability and flexibility when reading. However comb binding is a more affordable option, with the added benefit of being easier to update.

Pro-Binding’s Choice:

We have the opinion that a wire binding is a better value and you will be much happier with the appearance of your important documents. Pro-Binding offers the highest quality Wire Binding Supplies and Comb Binding Supplies at the best pricing online! Feel free to call our customer service team at (866) 789-4330. We have more than 30 years of experience matching the right binding system to each application. In addition, every machine on our website has been proven to be a quality system. If a machine is on then it is a good quality system!