Choosing the right binding system

Choosing the right binding method for your firm can be a bit overwhelming. Here we have listed several of the most popular choices. Feel free to call Pro-Binding at (866) 789-4330 to discuss your application. We are experts at matching companies to the best binding method for their individual needs.

  • Thermal Binding: This is one of the easiest binding methods and you can bind several documents at a time. Simply place your document in one of our Thermal Covers that has a pre-applied adhesive in the spine and then put it into a thermal binding machine. The machine will melt the adhesive, securing the pages and give your work a very professional look. The Pro-Bind 2000 and MultiBind are our favorite thermal machines. Both are simple to use and maintenance free. We offer covers with die cut windows, clear fronts and printed covers that will make your reports stand out. We even make Library Quality Hardcovers when only the very best will do.


  • Wire Binding: Your documents will look professional and sophisticated if you use wire binding. We have found Renz & Akiles both make high quality wire machines for the modern office. If you can swing it, get a Renz machine. They are top quality! If you are on a budget, the WireMac’s from Akiles are excellent quality. Wire Binding Supplies come in a “C” shape and are closed with the help of a wire closer. Wire spines are available in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch hole patterns. Choose 3:1 if your documents are always under ½”. It does look a little nicer. Choose 2:1 if you have thicker reports. The 2:1 wires are available up to 1 ½” diameter spines.


  • Plastic Coil Binding: Plastic coils binding has been becoming more popular, especially since the introduction of the oval hole pattern. The oval hole pattern makes inserting the coils a breeze. We like Renz and Akiles for coil binding as well. The Renz is a bit pricey, but will last forever. Akiles CoilMac machines are more than up to the task for most offices. Color Coil supplies are available in a wide range of colors and can bind very thick documents. Pro-Binding offers the highest quality Coil Binding Supplies.


  • Comb Binding: Plastic comb binding has been around the longest. It is a very cost-effective and easy way to bind, but the look is a bit dated. Plastic Comb Binding Supplies are available in many colors and diameters up to 2” thick.
Always make sure you use quality Binding Supplies from Pro-Binding.