Where to buy the Best VeloBind  Machines and supplies?

VeloBind System 2
VeloBind System 2
VeloBind Machines
VeloBind System 3

Thousands of offices use VeloBind Machines and supplies. In addition, copy and print shops often offer this type of binding. VeloBind involves punching several small holes along the edge of an unbound book. VeloBind Strips are rigid plastic. The VeloBind Machine melts it into place. As a result, you get a secure bind.

With eleven equally spaced pins, VeloBind Strips make a very secure bind. Pro-Binding offers a number of different “Hot Knife” Velobind machines. The System One, System Two and System Three are genuine VeloBind machines. However, if you are looking for strip binding on a budget, choose the Tamerica V2000 Pro or V3000 Pro.

Where is the best place to buy Discount VeloBind Machines and Velobind Strips? Pro-Binding.Com

Pro-Binding.Com offers Machines and strips at huge discounts. Your order is shipped directly from the factory. All machines and supplies are brand new. They have not been sitting in a warehouse for months.

In Addition, Pro-Binding.Com carries Composition Report Covers that perfectly match the VeloBind Strip.

Many people use our CompositionReport Cover as the back cover. With a Clear or Frosted Transparent front. In addition, create Hard Cover Books with the VeloBind system. Our BindRite VeloBind Brand Strips from Pro-Binding work perfectly with all of these Systems.

If you are looking for report covers with your company logo, talk to the experts at Pro-Binding. Pro-Binding has over 30 years of experience with all kinds of printing. We can help design the perfect cover that reflects you company’s professional image. We offer a wide range of printing options, from offset printing, to foil stamping and blind embossing. As a result, you will be the envy of all your competition.

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