FAQ’s About Twin Loop Wire Binding

Twin Loop Wire Binding is one of many different binding styles to choose from. Therefore, choosing the best method for your organization is worth the time and effort you put into the decision. All of the binding styles have a unique look and feel that may be right for your company. However, twin loop wire binding (also called wire-o or double loop wire binding) has several features worth considering for your documents. Along with the help of Pro-Binding, you can produce beautiful documents that represent you company’s best efforts. Here are four answers to the top questions about why to choose Twin Loop Wire Binding:

  1. Professional Presentation: Wire binding offers a neat and clean appearance. It offers a sleek professional look and feel for your reports, presentations and proposals. Twin loop wire binding is a favorite for financial services companies, accounting firms, real estate, architects and engineers.
  2. 360 Degree Wrap-Around Spine:Twin loop wire binding offers a full 360 degree rotation for pages bound into your documents. This means that pages from the front of the document can be wrapped around to the back of the document. This feature makes twin loop wire binding a popular option for binding calendars and notebooks in addition to your reports and proposals.
  3. Color Choices:Twin Loop binding spines are available in several sizes and colors to match your company image. Wire spines are available in eight colors including black, white, silver, blue, bronze, gray, green and red. The wire spines are also available in a number of sizes starting at 1/4” for documents that are as thin as just a few pages and up to 1-1/2” for extremely thick documents.
  4. Top Quality Manufacturers. Akiles, Renz, and Rhin-O-Tuff are a few of the manufacturers of our wire binding machines. They have great reputations for producing high quality office binding machines. All have full one year warranties, and a few of the Rhin-O-Tuff machines even have 3 year warranties!
Twin-loop wire binding is a great choice when looks matter. Pro-Binding can get you set up with the right binding machine for your office, all the supplies you’ll need for binding, and even design a custom cover that will make all your documents stand out from the pack! Call Pro-Binding at (866) 789-4330 for personal service.