Where To Get Custom Printed Report Covers

If you just purchased a binding system or are considering the options you have when it comes to custom printed report covers this post is for you. You can custom order report covers for your business, organization, or school. Pro-Binding offers a large variety of cover materials including the very popular vinyl / composition cover sheets and linen covers. We can also create custom printed transparent covers, embossed covers, and more. Brand your company professionally with covers printed with your logo, or try a foil stamp for a premium metallic look. We can even create embossed and pre-punched covers for common binding applications including wire, coil, comb and more.

The most common customization processes include Foil Stamping, Offset Printing, Silk Screening and embossing. The best way to start is by choosing the paper stock you will be using. Dark color stocks do not lend themselves well to offset printing. With a dark linen stock you will be happier with the results you get with foil stamping. With a dark Vinyl stock you may choose Foil Stamping or Silk Screening. On a transparent cover Silk Screening is the most popular. With light covered paper stocks offset printing is probably the most popular.  Here is a deeper description of each process and why to choose it.

Foil Stamping is a very popular way to decorate a report cover. Pro-Binding can take your name & logo and create a copper die. This die is then heated on a foil stamping press which basically transfers foil from a roll onto your cover. Most people are familiar with gold and silver foils, but in reality there are many metallic and pigment foil colors to choose from. If you are going to use a navy, black or hunter green paper stock, foil stamping is probably your best bet.
Offset printing gives you the ability to exactly match your company colors on your Printed Report Covers. The process involves us taking a picture of your artwork to create what we call a plate. This special plate is designed so that ink only sticks to the image we want on the plate. This plate is then mounted on an offset press that has a rubber roller. The plate transfers or offsets the image to the rubber roller and the rubber roller transfers the image to your report cover. That is why it is called offset printing. You can print one color,  a few colors, or do 4-color process. 4-Color process is where we lay down four colors to create a specific image. Offset printing in high volumes is very economical and very versatile as well.
Silk screening many of you know from having tee-shirts made. The process we use is very similar. A special screen is made that only allows ink to pass through where we have the image. The screen is laid over the report cover and ink is pulled over the screen with a squeegee forcing it through the holes that are part of the image. This process is a little more expensive, but it is very good for printing on Vinyl, transparent covers, 3-ring binders, and especially good when trying to put a lighter colored image on a darker stock. The reason for that is silk screen ink is thick like a paint so it covers the dark stock with minimal bleed through. Offset ink is much more transparent, therefore a light color printed on a dark stock does not give good results.
Finally, embossing is a process where we take your image and create a copper die and a fiberglass receiving side. Your report cover is squeezed between the two creating the embossed relief from the paper stock. This is a very elegant process when done properly. Pro-Binding has been printing report covers for more than 30 years. Feel free to give our Customer Service Team a call at (866) 789-4330. We can help you design a report cover that gives your documents the attention they deserve.