How to make a Hard Cover Book with Thermal Binding

To give your documents the most dramatic impression they can make, use Hardcover Books from Pro-Binding. There are a few simple steps to make a high quality hardcover book with your Thermal Binding System. Follow these steps and you will get a perfect bind every time.

  1. Thermal Covers come in several spine thicknesses depending on the number of pages you need to bind. Select the spine size that fits your needs.
  2. Spend a minute squaring off the spine as seen in the demonstration video below.
  3. Prepare your book block. Jog the pages to be bound so the look square and neat. One tip I found useful is putting 3 staples down the binding edge about 1/8” in. The staples will be concealed by the cover and will add extra strength to the bind.
  4. Place the book, spine side down, into the Thermal Binding Machine. There is a hardcover setting and a soft cover setting. I have found it best to run the hardcover through the hardcover setting followed immediately by running through the softcover setting as well. The extra 30 seconds in the binding machine on the softcover setting makes sure the adhesive in the spine fully liquefies. Therefore, you have a better bind.
  5. When the binding cycle is complete, use the Hardcover Crimper from Pro-Bind. The Hardcover Crimper gives the spine the finished look you want with Hardcovers.
  6. Once the book is cooled, create the hinge on both sides of the book as seen in the demo below.

If you follow these steps you will be very happy with your finished product.

Here is the Demo Video: