How to use a Ring Wire Opener

Twin Loop Wire Binding is one of the nicest looking and most secure methods for binding documents right in your office. The main limitation to this type of binding was taking apart a wire bound report.The good news is Renz developed a ring wire opening tool that is a must have for anyone that does a lot of wire binding.

  1. Place the document on desk with the wire seam showing. I like to have the thinner loops to the left, but it really does not make a difference.
  2. Position the nose of the RING WIRE OPENER into the wire seam. Have the top of the device pushing right into the space where the wire comes together.
  3. Slide the device all the way up the wire seam. It will open the wire evenly from bottom to top. As a result, you do not ruin your document in the process.

Now you can easily remove the opened binding wire.  Sometimes you can reuse the wire, but more importantly, the document remains intact. Remember to always use quality Wire Binding Supplies from Pro-Binding. This will ensure you get a perfect bind every time.


You can order your Ring Wire Opener here:

It is only $28 and will save you a ton of time and aggravation, especially if you have a stack of wire bound documents that need editing.

One more tip, always make sure you use quality wire binding elements. Pro-Binding.Com carries quality Twin Loop Wire that is Made in the USA. Our wire is neatly packed on plastic trays so they do not get tangled together in the box. You can order your Twin Loop Binding Supplies here: