Renz Combi ComfortPlus Review


The Renz Combi ComfortPlus is an electric desktop plastic comb punching and binding machine. The Combi ComfortPlus allows you to produce documents of all sizes in low, medium and high volumes quickly and easily. It takes the manual labor out of punching. ComfortPlus  stands for a considerably improved punching speed compared with the old comfort series. The high speed is achieved using a new motor. It is twice as powerful! The new ComfortPlus machine replaces the Combi Comfort and Combi E.

Here are just some of the customer benefits of the Combi ComfortPlus

It binds up to 480 sheets. The closure control guarantees easy comb closure. You can change the margin depth for a stronger bind. This unit has Special hardened punch pins for long lasting life. Staggered punch pins make better punching. Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration It has an Easy to empty sliding waste tray. It Measures the document or comb size, and finally, it is made of Heavy duty construction & compact design


Why choose the  Combi ComfortPlus? You can never go wrong with a Renz machine. Here’s why

  1.  Vertical punching makes it simple and easy to punch correctly every time.
  2. Quick Size Adjustment technology allows the punching pins to be cancelled and the paper formats to be changed quickly and easily.
  3. The depth gauge feature allows the operator to adjust the punched hole margin from 2 mm to 4,5 mm. This adds strength to the bound edge.
  4. It binds volumes up to 480 sheets. The closure control guarantees quick and easy comb opening and closure.
  5. New Motor. The new 180 watt ComfortPlus motor has a punching cycle of 1.2 seconds. This is almost twice as fast as the previous model.

If you are looking for an extremely well made and reliable electric punch comb binding machine, look no further. The German engineered Combi ComfortPlus will exceed you expectations and provide years of faithful service. Get your CombiComfort from Pro-Binding today!