Review of the Akiles AlphaCoil-E

The Akiles AlphaCoil-E is an all-in-one electric binding machine which allows you to produce professionally bound books with speed and ease. It has all the features you need for coil binding in one convenient package. It is the ideal coil binding system for any office application where you do a small to medium amount of binding and want an economically priced, but still sturdy, electric punch and bind system.

The AlphaCoil-E is capable of punching 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper per punch cycle. This coil binding machine includes a foot pedal switch that allows for free use of both hands, which then allows the operator complete control of punching and inserting. There is also a manual push button for punching, if you prefer.

The full-size coil inserting roller will greatly improve your binding efficiency. Many machines at this price have a mini roller that makes coil inserting more difficult. The machine also comes with a premium coil crimper and built in crimper holder for easy access and storage.

The Akiles AlphaCoil-E is the perfect choice if you work with different paper sizes as it allows you to disengage die pins for a clean and complete punch. It features depth margin control, which adjusts to the correct punch margin depth for each coil size and also has a side margin control for evenly centered punches.

We think you can’t go wrong with the Akiles AlphaCoil-E. Make sure you always use premium quality coils from – This will help make sure you get a perfect bind every time!