How to Set Up a Wire Binding Machine

There are several Steps to setting up a Wire Binding Machine. Set the paper guide for an 11” sheet. Punch a few pages and fold them in half. When the holes line up, you are good to go. If not, adjust the paper guide until the holes at the top and bottom have an even margin. If you notice that you have a half hole on the edge of the document you will need to pull the silver punching pin above that punching slot to prevent that pin from punching. Next you want to adjust the margin depth. For the thin wires you want to punch as close to the edge of the paper as possible. For the larger wires you want to punch deeper into the margin. Most firms find they have similar size documents and only need to set the margin once.

Once you have your book assembled pick the right size wire and set the crimping device to that spine size. The crimping device is the part of the machine that squeezes the wire closed.  Many twin loop Wire Binding Machines have a wire hanger built into them. There should be either a set of hooks on the front of the machine or a small section of the machine that will lift up to allow you to slide your Wire Binding Element into place. Place your Wire Binding Spine into the wire holder with the teeth facing up. Punch your document and put it one the wire. The last step is to crimp the wire. Move the wire to the crimper.  It is important that the thinner loops are on top. Pull down on the crimper handle and the wire will close perfectly.

If you have any questions about how to use a Wire Binding System, feel free to call Pro-Binding’s customer service team at (866) 789-4330. If you need to open a document after it is bound, you will want to have one of our Wire Opening Tools.