How to Use a Thermal Binding Machine

One of Pro-Binding’s favorite bookbinding methods is Thermal Binding. Thermal Binding allows you to create extremely professional-looking reports, anthologies, proposals, and photo albums that are library quality. With a thermal binding machine you can create both soft cover and hard cover books easily and quickly. To do so, however, you’ll need the right machine. There are many Thermal Binding machines available, but I would go with a Pro-Bind model or a BSA MultiBind. Here are a few things to consider with a Thermal Binding machine purchase followed by a demo video of the Pro-Bind 2000.

Choose a Good Thermal Machine

I would choose the Pro-Bind 2000 or the MultiBind. Both of these machines are all metal construction and are as close to the original Bind-It models from years ago.

There are a few simple steps to thermal binding

  1. Choose the spine size for your cover.
  2. Jog the pages inside the cover. Have an even margin all the way around.
  3. Place cover in binding machine with spine in direct contact with the heat plate.
  4. Touch the start button and allow the machine to go through the heat cycle.
  5. When the tone goes off, move the cover to to cooling rack and allow the cover to cool on its spine.

With Thermal Binding you can use economical Utility Thermal Covers, high quality Frosted Transparent Covers, Custom Printed Covers, Library Quality Hardcovers and even Photo Books.

That is all there is to thermal binding. The simplicity of the machine and the quality of the finished book are the main reasons Thermal Binding is one of my favorite forms of desktop binding. Here is a short demo video of the Pro-Bind 2000: