What is Coil Binding?

Coil binding is a popular desktop document binding system.  Coil bound documents open flat on a desk or table and offer 360 degree rotation. This binding style is durable and is often used for documents that need to be mailed. Coil binding Supplies are available in more colors and sizes than other binding styles.

The most common hole pattern used for Coil Binding is 4:1 Pitch which means there are four holes per inch along the binding edge. The holes for this style are either round or oval shaped, but if you are buying a new machine, get the oval hole pattern. It is much easier to insert the coils with oval holes. Supplies for binding documents with 4:1 pitch spiral coil are available in sizes ranging from 6 mm up to 50 mm in diameter. This allows for binding documents that are up to two inches thick.

One of the strengths of spiral coil binding is that the supplies are available in a variety of lengths & colors. Most users purchase spiral coils in twelve inch lengths. This spine is inserted onto an eleven-inch document and the excess length of coil is cut and crimped at each end of the book. However, the forming process for creating spiral coil binding elements allows them to be created in virtually any length.

Spiral coil binding supplies are also available in a wide variety of colors. Pro-Binding.com carries the 11 most popular colors online. You can get many other colors by calling us at (866) 789-4330.  Coil binding spines are normally measured in millimeters and not inches. We list them in millimeters, but show the fraction equivalent for your convenience.

How does Coil Binding work?

Plastic spiral binding is a three-step process: punch, insert, crimp. First, a punch creates holes along the edge of the document. Second, a coil inserter spins the coils through the holes. Third, a pair of coil crimping pliers or a crimping machine is used to cut off the excess coil and crimp the end to prevent the coil from coming loose from the document. For an office application, our Renz machines are probably the best. They are very user friendly and will last for years. Our Akiles systems are also very good. They will perform extremely well and are very reliable.

Where can I get a Coil Binding System?

Pro-Binding.com stays away from the inferior binding systems that you may see online. You can be assured that if a machine is on our website it is a good investment!