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What is Thermal Binding?

Thermal Binding uses heat to create a low cost but very professional look for your documents. This style of binding allows you to easily add or remove pages which have already been bound. This is one of the strongest desktop binding solutions available.

Thermal Binding machine can bind multiple documents in one minute. The glue used to seal the spine creates a very clean and professional look for your documents. How does it work? It’s actually very simple. In fact, it’s probably easier than most other types of binding. With the glue already in the spine of the cover, you insert your document in the correct size Cover, place the cover spine side down in thermal binding machine and touch the start button. That is all there is to it.

The machine will heat and liquefy the “glue” adhesive that has been pre-applied in the spine of the cover so that it binds to the paper you have inserted. In less than a minute the cycle is complete. Once it’s finished, you need to let your document cool for a few minutes so that the glue sets and keeps the paper secure.

Thermal is a more permanent form of binding, which looks very professional, but it’s not that easy to add and remove pages – although it is possible by reheating the spine.

Here is a quick guide of step by step instructions:

  1. Print your documents and select the correct size Cover.
  2. Place your document in the Thermal Cover and jog it in place.
  3. Place your document, spine side down, in the Thermal Machine.
  4. Touch the start button. The thermal machine will alert you when the process is finished.
  5. When the binding cycle is complete, place your document on the cooling rack.
  6. Once the adhesive is cooled, your documents are ready to use.

There are many Thermal Machines on the market, but we have found that the Pro-Bind 2000 or the MultiBind will give you the best value.

What are Thermal Covers?

Well the clue is in the name really. These are document covers that have a pre-applied adhesive “glue” strip from the factory, specifically made for your new thermal binding system. There are various types of thermal binding cover available depending on what it is you need binding. Pro-Binding offers very low priced Utility Thermal Covers that have a linen back, clear front and spine sizes up to ½” thick. We also have higher quality Frosted Transparent Covers with spine sizes all the way up to 2”.

Pro-Binding also offers very high quality printed thermal covers, library quality Hard Covers and beautiful Photo Books. Feel free to call one of our customer service reps at (866) 789-4330. No one knows more about Thermal Binding than Pro-Binding.Com

Advantages of thermal binding:

  • It looks very professional
  • It’s quick, usually taking around a minute or less
  • No Punching Paper
  • Bind Multiple Documents at on time
  • If you’re looking to professionally bind something, then this is definitely the best option as it produces really excellent results in a short time with minimal effort. If you’re binding books then you’ll need thermal binding, and many print shops will also use it to bind documents. University dissertations looks fantastic when thermal bound, whilst solicitors may also use it when sending documents to clients and to court as it’s difficult to remove pages and is obvious if someone has done so.
  • If your office regularly produces brochures and catalogues and you want them to look sleek and attractive, then thermal binding is a great choice.

Here is a demo of the Pro-Bind 2000. See how easy it is to produce high quality documents right at your desktop!