Why Choose a VeloBind Binding System?

The main reason to choose a VeloBind Binding System is it’s one of the most secure methods for binding briefs, documents, reports and proposals. It offers a secure bind that is tamper resistant, durable and cost effective while giving a very professional appearance. Here are a few of the benefits that VeloBind offers:

It is Tamper Resistant: A document bound using VeloBind is extremely secure. The process uses a VeloBind Strip that is riveted into place using Hot Knife technology. To remove pages from a document bound with Velobind you need to cut binding strip apart using a special debinding blade tool. To edit or rebind a VeloBind document you have to have a VeloBind machine. That is why lawyers and government offices choose Velobind for their important documents.
VeloBind is Durable: A VeloBound document will last for years, even under extreme use. You never have to worry about a page falling out.
This Binding System is Cost effective: Once you have made the investment in a VeloBind Machine, the supplies are very cost effective. The VeloBind Strips are available in 1”, 2” and 3” lengths. Keeping an inventory of a few boxes of the size you use takes up very little space. We also offer Leatherflex-Composition Report Covers that exactly match the VeloBind Strip. Customizing the cover with a foil stamp of your company logo will have your documents standing out from the pack!
VeloBind gives a Professional Appearance: A VeloBind Document is clean and professional. With the flexibility of clear front covers, die cut window covers and customization processes like foil stamping, silk screening and offset printing your important documents will get the attention they deserve.
The VeloBind System Two is an excellent office VeloBind Machine. It offers an electric punch and can bind documents up to 2″ thick. For the VeloBind look on a budget, try the Tamerica V2000 Pro. It is a manual punch machine that can also bind up to 2″.
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