What is Velo Bind?

Velo Bind is a type of book binding used by thousands of offices, and is often offered at copy and print shops. Velo Bind involves punching several small holes along the edge of an unbound book. The male end of a Velo Bind Strip with rigid tines is inserted into the holes from the top of the book, and a strip with corresponding holes is placed on the back with the tines protruding through. The Velobind machine holds the book tightly, the excess length of the tines is cut and the tips melted to seal the bind.

The most common style of Velo Bind Strips have eleven pins that are equally spaced across the spine. They are often called Hot Knife Strips and are used by a hot knife binding machine. Pro-Binding offers a number of different “Hot Knife” Velobind machines. The System One, System Two and System Three are premium machines. For VeloBind on a budget, choose the V2000 Pro or V3000 Pro.

Pro-Bind also carries Leatherflex Report Covers that perfectly match the VeloBind Strip.

Many people use the Leatherflex as the back cover with a Clear or Frosted Transparent front. The VeloBind system also creates hard cover books.. The BindRite VeloBind Strips from Pro-Binding work perfectly with all of these machines.